Ugg Sneaker Tye

Ugg Sneaker Tye
UGG | Sneaker 'Tye'

  • design
  • lacing
  • contrasting inserts
  • manager
  • Without a paragraph
  • round cap


  • label embossing
  • soft grip
Artikel-Nr: UGG0125003003000


  • materialzusammensetzung
  • surface material: leather
  • lining: leather

outsole: rubber

  • size
Heel height flat heel (0-3 cm)
more leather sneaker
Ugg Sneaker Tye Ugg Sneaker Tye Ugg Sneaker Tye

Mirroring can be funny, but anyone who has grown up with a sibling who repeats everything you say and do knows echoing actions and words can go from being funny to annoying pretty fast.

Because it works.

When done right, research consistently demonstrates its power. Here are just a few examples:

But when done wrong, it’s a disaster, so let’s turn to some science to make sure you get it right every time.

Early in the 1990s, researchers at the University of Parma in Italy were doing work with macaque monkeys. Quite by accident, when one of the researchers reached to grab his food, he noticed that the neurons in a nearby research monkey became active as if it was reaching for the food even though in reality it was sitting idly by. Startled by this finding, the researchers tested and found they could repeatedly make the monkey’s brain think it was taking action just by watching the researchers. This became the foundation for what are now called “mirror neurons”.

Later, in 2010, Kuhn et. al., found that when someone mirrors your behavior, the areas of your brain that activate are the same ones that process rewards and make you feel good.

So not only is mirroring hardwired in your brain, but it is also rewarded!

It is this hardwiring that you need to take advantage of to do mirroring the right way.

When done correctly, mirroring can build rapport and a strong connection with others. Ironically, if your goal is only to find ways to make others connect with you and you just mirror what they are doing, you may at best just irritate them.

Mirroring to make others feel a connection is perceived as inauthentic immediately .

Here is how to do it the right way.

If you remember nothing else, remember this:

Your key to building rapport and a strong connection is to first feel that connection yourself . If you aren’t feeling it, they aren’t feeling it.

Here’s how:

Fronting Eye Contact Triple Nod Pretend, then stop pretending

Throughout all of this, a lot of mirroring is likely happening naturally on its own, but here are some mirroring techniques you can now use to build and amplify their connection to you .

Many times, people think of mirroring as mimicking physical actions, but mirroring refers to all non-verbals. Start with mirroring the pace and volume of the other person’s speech. If they are a super fast talker and loud, increase your volume and animation. If they are soft, slow and more relaxed, match them at this level instead. Pace and volume matching is easy to do and much less obvious than physical mimicry.

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Le Jogger Boxer Shorts 3 Pieces
By Katie Cornell

Not interested in braving the shopping crowds? Visit online stores of notable East Bay artisans to check out goods sold exclusively on the web, or that are hard to find in stores.

Casa Murriguez offers tea towels featuring hand-drawn illustrations by founder Sharon Murriguez, custom-made street sign pillows, and handmade gift tags shaped like phonographs and typewriters, among other original pieces

Casa Murriguez

Oaktown Blooms puts a twist on flower giving with the softball-size “sprouted cannonballs,” consisting of air plants, succulents, branches, and seed pods, as well as modern arrangements that incorporate artwork and other surprising accents over at

Oaktown Blooms

Myrrhia Fine Knitwear spins her line of gunmetal-gray vests, boatneck sweaters and dresses woven with multiple colors creating a spin-art effect, and zigzag-patterned beanies from organic Merino wool yarn at

Myrrhia Fine Knitwear

The Oakland Chocolate Company is on its way to opening a tasting room, but in the meantime, order the fair-trade chocolates online or find them at local farmers’ markets. Chocolatier Nancy Nadel works with cocoa farmers at Jamaica’s Parish of St. Mary to create rich bars, nibs, and bonbons available at

The Oakland Chocolate Company

LisaBBowman knows how to get kids excited about receiving clothes as a gift. She knits arm warmers complete with Superman and Wonder Woman emblems, making little ones feel like winter-ready superheroes. Another fun way to bundle up this winter is the pencil scarf. Find more for kids and adults at


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